Self service dog wash - the easy way to wash your dog!

Why not take the mess, stress and strain out of bathing your mucky pup at home? At the Solway Canine Hydrotherapy Centre in Dumfries, there are two raised bathing areas, each equipped with thermostatically controlled warm water showers and professional blaster dryers.

Small dogs

(Yorkshire Terrier, King Charles Spaniel, Westie) £12.00


Medium dogs

(Labrador, Border Collie,


Large dogs

(Bernese Mountain Dog,
German Shepherd, Chow Chow)

Giant dogs

St Bernard, Pyrenean)

Price includes:

  • the use of a waterproof apron
  • shampoo
  • fresh towels
  • professional blaster
  • brushes, combs, etc.
  • and to finish off, doggy cologne.

Service Wash

From an extra £8 on the above prices, why not let us do the dirty work for you whilst you wait or even have a leisurely wander up the town for a coffee? We will have your dog washed, dried and smelling sweetly, ready for your return.

Although we will do our very best to accommodate you if you walk in off the street without an appointment, we strongly advise you to book in advance, even if it's just a phone call before you come down. Unfortunately, if we have a hydrotherapy session in progress, we cannot allow other dogs in the centre during this time.

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